Full truck load

Full truck load

Full load 

Dedicated vehicle to suit your needs, volumes and established transits

Full truck land transport for our clients to optimise their logistics operations: a company loads its goods in the same vehicle from one point to reach its destination.

This service is ideal for clients who export or import large amounts of goods, as the product travels solely and directly to the destination. It also simplifies the loading, unloading and handling operations, improving reliability and providing more accurate traceability for the goods at any given moment.

As the vehicle is exclusively dedicated to a specific service, it is fully adapted to the product and client’s operational requirements in terms of size, stowage methods, specific loads and volumes.

Our fleet consists of state-of-the-art Euro 6 vehicles to meet our commitment to reducing CO2 emissions. 

The vehicles are also fitted with geolocation devices with the aim of monitoring the whole operation online. Our tracking system ensures the client is fully informed of the status of their delivery.

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