Less than truckload

Less than truckload


Solution for sending partial loads 

Groupage, combined or shared transport, is a form of land transport in which we load goods from different clients in the same vehicle to optimise space usage and minimise costs for those clients who do not have an import/export product with the capacity to fill a complete vehicle. This service combines different types of goods sharing the same route.  It is the solution for companies that cannot fill a whole truck with their goods.

It is ideal for clients with small volumes for different destinations, as they share the costs proportionally according to the space occupied in the vehicle.

It also permits the continual flow of low-volume deliveries when the full load service does not match the needs of the goods, due to such factors as the high cost of the transported product.

Our tracking system ensures the client is fully informed of the status of their delivery, which can be provided on different technological platforms, depending on the client’s needs.

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